Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Return to Creighton

My arrival at Creighton was quite pleasant. After a smooth and on-time United flight, a Jesuit friend collected me at the airport and got me settled into Ignatius House, which is a separate house behind the main Jesuit residence. It fronts the Jesuit Gardens where people relax during the day and come to watch the fireflies at night.

I decided to preside at a nearby church that is visited by mostly African Americans. They have a social justice outreach to the Nigerian and Burundi immigrants. I enjoyed meeting the people who make the parish work. The music has a bit of Gospel added into the more traditional base of Catholic songs. They really let go for the communion piece. It is great fun. I was told my homily was a hit and people accepted me right away because of the words I spoke.

The two orientations and the faculty meetings went well and I had a reprieve the first day of class because students needed their orientation. So, my first week of classes was only four days. I found myself behind even before I began.

I presided at the opening school liturgy and people were pleased with my remarks during the homily. We were off to a good start.

I've enjoyed meeting the students who are very engaged with their studies. They ask so many questions and want to share what they know. I love their spirit.

I met a friend for coffee and I'll join her and her husband for dinner on Sunday night. I've been walking quite a bit as well, but I've been eating too much. The salad bars are great, but there's also good steak.

Last night I saw a performance of Billy McGuigan at the Omaha Community Playhouse. He performed many songs from the 50's, 60's, and 70's from artists like Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Billy Joel, and some Motown hits. The "Twist" in his music was the Big Band sound that they added to the arrangements. It was a fun night of classic rock music.

This morning I walked to the Josyln Art Museum, which is near campus. The museum is presenting a special collection of French jewelry. I did not expect to spend much time there, but the curator did a terrific job of explaining how the wearing and production of jewelry was tied to the social and political events that were occurring in France at the time. I was surprised to realize how changeable jewelry fashions can be.

With that entertainment done, I set out to work on an article and get some other written work accomplished.

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